Painted Lady Collection



Consultation to select style & colors.

Choose 1 paint style -

Glitter/ Color Pop/ Gilded or Nude

2-hour private paint session

Digital catalog of images for viewing

Then your choice of-

Custom Book of your collection (30 images)
1-  Canvas print 16"x 24"


Larger sizes available at an additional cost.


**The Experience Only**

For those who do not want a canvas or book, just the Experience of being a Painted Lady, the cost is $375


Partial Painted Lady

Choice of Legs or Back Only to be painted.

Consultation to select style & color

Choose 1 paint style-

Glitter/ Color Pop/ Gilded or Nude

1-hour private paint session
Digital catalog of images for viewing
1- Canvas print 16"x 24"


*NON NUDE-- This is perfect for the more shy or reserved woman
who wants to try a painted lady, but not ready for a nude paint. 

The Goddess

High End & Celebrity Clients

Consultation to discuss styles & colors

Private Paint session

 3 different paint styles- Choose from

 Nude/ Charcoal/ Glitter / Gilded /Color Pop

Digital Catalog of images for viewing

Custom Book of your collection 

(up to 60 images)

Choice of Framed Canvas

(choice of standard sizes- up to 16" x 48")
Larger & custom sizes available at an additional cost.


Non Disclosure Agreements available to celebrity clients for privacy.
(Can Travel to Client, Client to cover all shipping & travel expenses for myself and my assistant.)

Painted Lady Art

Become your own art!   I custom paint you and turn you into your very own custom, sexy, one of a kind art.  Each session will be private, images are never shared unless you give written permission to.  You select the colors and I do the rest.  You don't even need to do your hair or makeup.  I physically paint your nude body.  Must be 18 years or older.  Women only.

What is Painted Lady Art?

The fusion of paint, photography and a woman's body to create unique, sexy, modern nude fine art.

Award Winning & Published. Seen on Cosmopolitan & Vogue Italia. Shown in New York at ArtExpo & Paris at the Louvre Museum.

Purchase my fine art collections, Painted Lady book on Amazon or
...become your own custom one of a kind masterpiece as you unleash your inner goddess.

This is your moment to capture your unique beauty.  Book your custom session now with Kerri Lane.

Next Steps...

Email me or you can text me your questions at 540.323.0609