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Kerri Lane

My goal is to make you feel beautiful whether I'm photographing or painting you.  The Painted Lady Collection I am very proud of, I created it out of pure frustration of not finding the art I wanted for my home.  It started just as art, but I quickly realized I was helping women see themselves in a whole new light.  It was empowering and life-changing.   It helped give me body confidence to love who I am.  I now share that power with the women I paint.

The Painted Lady Collection features the human body in all shapes and sizes.  The process has several steps that include physically painting the model’s body.  The Painted Lady pieces I paint the model and then combine photography to the element by photographing her blending into the painted canvas becoming part of the art.  I paint all ages and sizes of women.  I feel beauty is not limited to size or age label.  My work is vividly hued, curious, and unique.  The Painted Lady Collection has been seen in New York at ArtExpo & Paris at the Louvre Museum, on Cosmopolitan & Vogue Italia, art magazines, and international award-winning.  I’ve painted moms, businesswomen, celebrities and one gentleman. Men are a little too hairy for body paint;  grin. Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you.  Any questions please ask.

~ Kerri Lane
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The Painted Lady

It's the perfect combination of Paint + Photography + a Person’s Body. Those 3 elements together make a modern nude art that is classy & a unique piece of art.

When people are viewing my work I get asked is this a painting?  When I reply it’s a photograph the confusion begins. My work looks like a canvas painting. But really it is a photograph. It’s a photograph of a person’s body that I actually painted.


Next Steps...

Intrigued?  Collect a piece of my unique art for your home, or dare to be bold and become a Painted Lady yourself.